myPharmacyLink is our free app that connects you with our pharmacy.  It allows you to order your prescriptions, send notifications and messages to the pharmacy from the convenience of your phone. 

If you are prescribed a new medication simply take a photo of the prescription and order it via the app. We will get it ready for you to pick up at a time convenient to you, or we can deliver it. 


myPharmacyLink Features

  • See your remaining supply and the number of repeats you have left. Under each script are the dosage details, links to Medication Information, and an image of the medicine itself.
  • View a complete 12-month history of all your medications from when you activate myPharmacyLink. This list includes the date of each prescription and the number of repeats
  • Maintains a service history for all pharmacy services you have had at your local pharmacy such as blood pressure or blood glucose measurements so you can provide this information to your GP later.
  • Send and receive messages from your pharmacist
  • Order your prescription repeats online through the myPharmacyLink app
  • Set dose reminders to help you remember it time to take your medication. These can be set to a specific time and linked to your medications.
  • Provides easy access to all your pharmacies contact details


To find out more visit myPharmacyLink website, come see us in-store or contact us below.

Contact us if you have any questions